Entry: summing up (and spending my earnings already) Sunday, September 19, 2010

After all the chitter chat about getting ready for market, I feel obliged (even if tired) to report on what was a wonderful day...Let's see...Art shows are about getting up squirrelly early thinking about details (for me it was wondering if I'd packed enough or if my sign would look fun and funky) and so I left the house before 8 am even.

So, as my friend Colleen (visual merchandiser extraordinaire and the talented artist behind my new favorite necklace and all that can be found at hintery ) and I set up the display (see Erin's picture below) a lovely woman with a big silly stuffed animal thing came out of nowhere and fully appreciated a certain doll. Leon. She was flummoxed though because she did not have any money on her (had just bought the stuffed creature) and had to 'rush home to make cookies". I offered a trade and sure enough, hours later she returned with absolutely delicious kitchen sink cookies . Cookies, I tell ya! That's why I make art...

As you can tell from the photo (another fabulous Erin photo-- she made herself very helpful), I always had a couple of cool kids in my booth -- mostly because I made a 'make your own doll' activity with some of my spare parts/scraps. It was inspiring to see the dolls these kids made (zombies and turtles and very fashionable girls). I'm telling you that kids love hole punches, brads and scissors...just trust me on that...

Another inspiration can be glimpsed in this picture. I'll explain.

My next door neighbor was the very talented stained glass artist Jackie Shertz. Jackie is Deaf and I am not ASL trained (time to fix that) so normally we might have trouble communicating. But this year the Artist Row did a great thing to welcome Rochester's large Deaf community by providing lots of interpreters, and just making it easier for Deaf artists and purchasers. I learned more about the imagery of hands and eyes by communicating with Jackie and got such a kick out of watching all the signing, smiling, connecting happening in her booth and all over the market.

I usually spend my earrings as soon as they come in and this was no exception. Before she could leave town and to make good on my promise/threat I bought a lovely green skirt with a great diagonal hemline from Kate M.

And then I hopped on the interweb and ordered a small boat load of clearance fabrics in autumnal tones from fabric dot com. With my paper doll show out of the way, and with only one fabulous green skirt to wear as the seasons change, I'm going to sewing myself silly...

Thanks to all that stopped by and to all who read this here short report. I'm out...

take care,


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a stellar day! darn good reporting too. you're a good advocate for making stuff and getting it out there--it's not about the objects its about the connections! have a good day, i'm off to the school of craftology to see what silliness awaits...

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