Entry: Drawing (beginning and continuing) Saturday, September 18, 2010

Whatcha drawing?


Thanks mom. That's the drawing joke I like best. Only I don't consider drawing a joke, it's a crucial skill/habit/way of living that informs my everyday and generally makes me happier.

I'm often meeting people who want to draw and it's my profession to help people learn to make art, so I'm really excited about this New York Times opinionator series about drawing...seems good solid advice to start and honestly, you can learn to draw.

  • Phantom Skill (drawing at the Opinionator )
  • Also I heartily reccommend Roz's blog for drawing enthusiam and also good drawing...she's wonderful...

    I can learn to draw better. Or so I believe. That's why I keep practicing in my sketchbook. Below are a couple recent sketches from this current book...

    This was a sketch before we last went camping...

    And these are my notes from a great talk by John Kastner and Nanette Nocon about their book What's Up With Yuk?

    And not to creep you out, but here's what my dolls look like in plastic. Dolly (that's her name) grew angel wings or something...

    She and me will be at market tommorrow! I'm freakishly excited...must go draw to quell my excitement...

    take care,


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