Entry: Gust...painting again Monday, April 12, 2010

Wind picks up and the next thing I know, I am painting. Since the middle of last week I have been keeping watercolors in my car, on the back porch, and in my purse. I have stacks of paper cut up and ready and I just restocked paper towels and scotchtape.
There are only pockets of time to sneak in work on the small fries I'm making. Some for 6 x 6, some for my own silly reasons, others for old friends.
There's a big difference between fitting watercolor painting into my busy life, and way back when I had a little studio and time to make messes turn into successful paintings. I think this is making me more deliberate as a painter. Here's what happened when I tried to translate this old missing painting into a new image.

Tuesday Afternoon , watercolor and ink on paper, maybe 1999

and now,

Gust , watercolor and ink on paper 13.5 tall x 12.5 long, April 2010

I deliberately changed a lot. I had to. I see the world a lot differently now. Feels like it's good change; I think I see more.

Makes me wonder about the paintings (or poems, or songs, or ...) you make now and how they're different from the ones you made then. Show and tell?

take care,


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wow good painting work
April 23, 2010   10:30 AM PDT
great stuff Rachel, really like the new one!!!

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