Entry: wisdom about writing and drawing birds (written while holding and cancelling) Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I hate to be on hold. I am on hold. So far it's been an hour and 12 minutes. I am trying to talk to a major internet company with a name that sounds like a cowboy noise, trying to cancel a very old website and a slightly newer website. Web identities I no longer need since I have this blog and the evil network that is facebook. But the good thing about holding and cancelling, is that I can also share about writing and drawing. I learned a couple two, three things last Saturday, see. This blog (unlike the old website or the slightly newer one) is at least easy enough to write and upload a little wisdom while I hold.

Simply, last Saturday (March 27, 2010) was magic for me. I was one of only a few attendees at a great workshop the novelist Ann Patchett gave at Writers and Books. Since I always draw when I take notes, she looked just a (very) little like this:

But it wasn't how she looked (beautiful even if tired from three days of book talking and gracious people meeting), I was most struck by what she said. Wisdom for writers from the "despot of Ann Patchett-ville" then:
  • Ann says she reads what she has written before she goes forward, she folds the new writing in "like eggwhites"
  • Ann says it's important to forgive yourself if you cannot write every day, or write X number of words a day. She told us that she is a slow writer and committed to finishing the projects she starts...
    And she managed from what I can tell (unscientific analysis) to inspire us all. I left the workshop and went straight to the nearest computer where I unearthed the writing project I had abandoned last year. I forgave myself and started folding in eggwhites. Thank you, Ann Patchett. I do now intend to "dance with thems that brought me" (her striking phrase for finishing the big projects)...It is indeed one of the reasons I have blogged less, because I am now writing more...I don't need to decide if it's good writing. Ms. Patchett advises against judging the book before it is finished. And I don't even know if what I'm writing is a book, I only know it's a story I need to write.

    But I only wrote for a few hours, and then I ran off to draw.

    And then there was the drawing. That same day six of us gathered at the Rochester Public Library downtown to draw at a Sketchcrawl. We got restless in the quiet library, though, and soon ventured to a nearby park. For me, it was all buds and birds. Genine has already posted some sketches so here's a little bird.

    Oh, and I just hung-up. I will hold again tomorrow I guess, but now I've got some writing and drawing, and oh yes, some sewing to do...



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