Entry: Rochester NY has a little new sweet meat... and these shoes have strings... Wednesday, February 03, 2010

It's good to hang out with smart curators because they know where good painters are. I found myself at the Hungerford building today discovering the work of the collective known as Sweet Meat.

They clearly worked their individual and collective tails off to put together the fantastic experience that is sweet meat. Should you be here in upstate, cold state, seemingly sometingly feeling art-less Ro-cha-cha, I heartily encourage you to get out Friday night to see it because they'll be taking the whole thing down. They'll remove the paintings and the meathooks and the big bulldog and the fireplace and the...

see what I mean? here's your chance:

SWEET MEAT CO. - EXTRAVAGANZA! closing reception
Friday Feb 5, 2010
The Hungerford Bldg.
1115 E. Main St.
Rochester, NY

All the good shows full of collective energy are up and then they're down. On that, see this rad little roadtrip blog Mark made about the show and teaching he co-conspiratated on... I am very proud to have been a party.

And I'm pleased as punch that the artists are making their own shows happen. One sweet meat at a time...

onward and upward!


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