Entry: made to measure (learning to sew) Thursday, January 21, 2010

hello strangers.

It's been a while since I've written anything here so for anyone listening/looking at this blog, bear with me as I explain that I've been single-minded lately. It's the needle. I have been trying to sew lots of things together for reasons I don't understand myself (getting sick of buying clothes with little style for too much money, feeling that all those years when I was a kid drawing fashion models should turn into something, and probably just the thrill of learning something new.)

See, I'm not a real sewist yet, but maybe I'm getting there.
I have had my sewing machine for about a year. That machine works for me to cut the stress sometimes. And somehow I've become mildly obsessed with sewing.

I now check Burdastyle daily. And now the The Selfish Seamstress. And often Amy Angry Chicken Karol, particularly when she is sewing

After some bazillions of projects in which I tried to figure out fitting, I did recently manage to make something I'm happy with. My Made to Measure skirt (of which I only have crummy pictures) was really just a plain black skirt until I remembered that I had this ribbon.

And a bright yellow zipper.

I slowed down to take my real measurements and tried to sew it better. I wear it even. And when I do, I can measure stuff!

happy making to you and thanks for listening, take care,


Isabel Marant Sneakers
October 31, 2012   08:33 PM PDT
Sharing is a great happiness! Every citizen and every family should play the advantages of collective learning, we open up, learn together, grow together!
February 2, 2010   07:45 PM PST
Hello! Thanks for featuring me and for the nice compliments. I appreciate them all and will be checking out your blog, Elizabeth...
January 28, 2010   09:18 AM PST
hi! just found you through Elizabeth and I love your skirt and think many of us feel exactly like you.. getting the old needle and thread out!
Bleubeard and Elizabeth`
January 28, 2010   04:34 AM PST
Hi Rachel. I found your blog while looking for one to feature as my "blog of the day." Your art is so carefree and colorful, when I saw it here, I just had to feature you today (Jan 28). I really love what you do.

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