Entry: Drawing with others and drawing along...another sketchcrawl and the beginning of something else... Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A few weeks ago, at the Second Storie event, I gleefully traded a very lovely sketchbook by concepcioun for a paperdoll. I felt pretty confident I can/could/will fill it with private stuff (i.e. no opening the covers for others)

But first I had to finish my existing and very public sketchbook. So I crammed it with self-portraits and doodles like these.

And speaking of drawing in public, we will sketchcrawl in the new year folks, it will be good for filling books and starting 2010 off right. Right? right.

Draw your way into 2010, join us for a
Rochester Sketchcrawl!*
We’ll meet January 2 at 10 am at the Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park.
They’re at 171 Reservoir Ave, Rochester NY, 14620. Entrance to the Conservatory costs $2 but the Sketchcrawl doesn’t cost a dime – just bring your own drawing materials and come ready to draw and have fun.
For questions, contact Genine at g9@rochester.rr.com or leave comments below...
*Sketchcrawling is essentially drawing in public. We gather in one place to draw and sketch. No instruction and not a lot of rules, open to anyone…See Enrico's awesome www.sketchcrawl.com to learn more about why it’s fun to draw with strangers…

And also, I love Doodler's Anonymous, and also I have to go draw...



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gleefully traded a very lovely sketchbook by concepcioun for a paperdoll.
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Sharing is a great happiness! Every citizen and every family should play the advantages of collective learning, we open up, learn together, grow together!
December 18, 2009   05:03 PM PST
I am so glad you are using the journal... that journal came out awesome, and I absolutely love the paper doll. Great to meet you, and look forward to possibly seeing you again at future shows.

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