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Hello, I'm Rachael.

I am primarily a painter and paper doll maker and friendly multi-tasker/ troublemaker in Upstate New York.I've been keeping this little blog since 2004, I think. And there is hopefully a value in reading these words, looking at these pictures, clearly I find joy in writing 'em up and sending 'em out, even if I don't always have the time. I try to blog every once in a while but mostly I try to write a real letter every day (this year that is), draw and paint, sew, and instigate other people's creative endeavors.
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    Sunday, September 20, 2009
    Fantastic day at Market (doll video, lovely things brought home, and honorable mention...for which I am honored!)

    Smiling from 8 am to 4 pm can be grueling, you kow. But I truly loved being at the public market today. All day. My friends (Molly, Colleen, Katie Ruth, Erin, Meg and Heather) and my husand (John) helped with everything from putting a tent up to writing the last couple of stories. And the weather was wonderful (sunny and warm).

    Colleen kindly made a little video of me in the booth and tomorrow I plan on putting some of the unsold dolls and their stories up on my etsy site. The video is here

    and here are some pictures of the dolls as they hung in the sun.


    Lots of friends came by and plenty of kids walked right up the dolls and smiled. I ended up winning an Honorable Mention in Mixed Media for my work. Prizes aren't everything but they do feel good.

    Because I was showing work, I didn't get a chance to see everything, but I did love the following artists for reasons I think are clear...

    humor and good craftsmanship
    Martha Schemerhorn makes Icon-o-Paks full of collaged goodies in a very witty and wonderful package. I love 'em and this one really hit home.

    Bags that Bite. These are great, toothy and funny, happily made bags by a woman who has sewing skills I envy.

    Fascinating connections between art, gesture and the human body (and work that resonated with my dolls)

    Pazione who makes art related to dance, movement and the human body.

    Cheryl and Don Olney who make bright and wonderful wooden dolls that I have seen for years and loved.

    For good paintings by talented painters
    Judy Gohringer (who won best in the painting category today) but who I couldn't find online. Trust me, her abstract paintings are lovely (colorful and inventive).

    Lorraine Bonohos who doesn't seem to have a web presence but she shows her work (figurative and evocative) around Rochester a lot.

    Rachel, who paints as Chicken Bone , although she did not paint any actual chicken bones.

    Ceramics and Fibers that I loved ...

    So much so that I bought a bag from Turtlefly. This wasn't just any bag, either, but a bag made of fabric perfectly matching my couch and my taste. I am so excited to carry all my junk in it!

    Two charming bowls by Vickie Hartman

    and (almost) a salt & pepper shaker by Kala Stein
    So then, another good show, another wonderful day in my life, and the joy of creating and connecting. That's also what kept me smiling all day.

    take care,

    p.s. big thanks to the friends of the public market for doing this!

    Posted at 07:09 pm by balduffington


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