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Hello, I'm Rachael.

I am primarily a painter and paper doll maker and friendly multi-tasker/ troublemaker in Upstate New York.I've been keeping this little blog since 2004, I think. And there is hopefully a value in reading these words, looking at these pictures, clearly I find joy in writing 'em up and sending 'em out, even if I don't always have the time. I try to blog every once in a while but mostly I try to write a real letter every day (this year that is), draw and paint, sew, and instigate other people's creative endeavors.
Leave me a comment (I'm more likely to communicate directly than in the comments), ask me a question, do your best to share what you have to say, OK? Thanks

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    Thursday, October 14, 2004
    navel gazing, art making and art writing

    Maybe a short history first: In 1996, I started a small personal zine of public trust that I called Trustworthy. I cobbled the contents together from my own experiences and observations, from the solicited ideas of people I admired and enjoyed, and from total strangers in the mail. My first foray into personal writing about issues artistic, political, and other was successful from my perspective. It lasted about 20 issues, gained a gaggle of readers and garnered a bunch of feedback, it grew my confidence as a writer and as an artist, and I liked to think that the folks that found a copy of Trustworthy had at least 20 minutes of enjoyment. I would get great letters and I know my little comics and stories made some strangers laugh, think, look around a little.

    When I started painting with a frenzy it was because I needed to. I had something to learn from and say with color and form. I'm still figuring that out and I guess I'll always be able to paint the reasons I need to paint better than I can say them (or I could just get off my ass and write a coherent artist statement or spend more time painting).

    Below is a sketch I made in New York a few years ago when I couldn't stop thinking

    big city slow down big city slow down big city slow down...

    I've been thinking a lot about the purpose of this blog, of the reasons why I tend to make my own soapboxes to stand on, of the things that can be learned and can be taught through vehicles like this. Like a lot of the other art bloggers I know (like Tyler and Anna for example) I was glad to see Todd's survey. I learned a thing or two (artists and art people read art blogs...well, ok). But you know, there's a great freedom in not knowing exactly what your reader wants to know. Maybe you out there don't give a crap about my mundane daily existance eeking out a living in a small museum in a midsized city in a sleepy part of the country or maybe you don't care at all about which emerging or emerged artists I think are rewarding to look at...I do care what you think but I'm simply going to continue to make what I want to make and write what I want to write.

    Today I spent some good time trying to figure out why people seek out arts education for themselves or their children and how arts ed programs can find those people, and I spent time watching wet leaves curl, and some time drawing sculptures and watching college kids walk around a museum filling out forms. My whole life revolves around art and my whole art revolves around my life, so I'll just keep up here on this soapbox, tying to listen more and help more and make more and...

    big city slow down big city slow down big city...

    Now all that said, I will take care to add more blog and art links soon, but I'm going to bed now.

    take care,

    Posted at 11:22 pm by balduffington

    October 18, 2004   10:16 PM PDT
    Thanks for all the comments everyone. It really has helped me get my confidence high again to blog what I wanna blog. Oh, and Anna, I'd love to see your sketches...

    Mr Zip
    October 18, 2004   06:46 PM PDT
    I found my way here via Marja-Leena. I think it's vital that you write in your blog whatever you feel like writing about. Once you start to define what it's about, you'll lose interest, I'm sure. Keep it open and free.

    Works for me anyway. I intended to write mainly about my art, but I find that all my other interests want their space too, and I'm pleased to give it to them. They are all part of what makes me tick.
    October 14, 2004   11:29 PM PDT
    neat idea for a blog.. cool stuff :-)

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